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MultiCycle’s 12-month meeting provided a sub-set of the MultiCycle participants with the valuable opportunity of visiting Spain’s most modern packaging sorting plant (of 95 in the country). Located in Benidorm, the facility re-opened three month ago after substantial refurbishment. It sorts seven fractions based on a tailored combination of technologies including a preliminary stage of […]

Promoting Impact and Exploitation

In order to realise MultiCycle’s vision of leading the transition towards a sustainable post-petroleum society in the plastic sector and assist Europe in the transition towards a Circular Economy the consortium partners are working towards carefully planned post-project exploitation pathways. Our aim is to reach the broadest audience possible, primarily though not exclusively across the […]

People, planet, profit – ensuring the sustainability of the Multicycle process

The emerging MultiCycle proposition will be thoroughly evaluated, not just at at the technical level, but for its sustainability in development and implementation across the board. Led by specialists in the field at Vertech Group, environmental, social and economic assessments are being undertaken using recognized best practice approaches: Environmental Life Cycle Assessment  (LCA) to ISO 14040/14044 […]

Demonstration of Recovered Materials

MultiCycle is not just about demonstrating impressive new processing technology. Setting up the initial value chains, and raising industry acceptance and demand for more sustainable materials are also crucial to success, and this process begins with the demonstration of the potential of recovered materials in packaging and automotive applications. Materials for Packaging Applications Here a group […]

MultiCycle Pilot Plant Demonstration

At the heart of MultiCycle is the engineering, installation and commissioning of a CreaSolv® pilot plant, and the demonstration of its performance under optimal operation. The pilot plant will handle both composites and multilayer packaging found in currently non-recycled plastic waste mixed streams, recovering high quality recycled polymers and polymer free fibres in good yield […]

Pilot Reprocessing of Recovered Plastics and Fibres

At this stage, the materials recovered from treated waste will be characterized with respect to their application in plastic packaging, textiles and composites. This will involve effort from across the consortium, but particularly Centexbel. Thermoplastic polymers will be assesed for their rheological and thermal behaviour, and their properties compared with virgin polymers designed for the […]

Pilot Separation Process and Monitoring Systems

Technical work is well underway to obtain and evaluate a wide selection of waste material streams representing the variety of material types which the MultiCycle pilot plant might be expected to handle, and to identify from this a broad window of suitable waste stream requirements within which economic and practical processing could take place. Using […]

Defining and Specifying Sustainable Recycling Processes to recover Plastic-based Multi-materials

Work during the early months of the project has produced an up to date review of the technical and patent literature dealing with recycling processes for MultiCycle’s target multi-materials and established the specifications for the different processes involved in material recovery and reprocessing, providing an understand of the requirements of converters and end users in terms of properties, price etc. […]


The Multicycle project’s six-month General Assembly meeting was an opportunity for partners to update collectively on progress made in the opening months of the project, and to build momentum behind the next steps towards up-scaling the CreaSolv® novel solvent-based process for recycling multi-materials packaging and composites. Hosted by project co-ordinator IRIS Technology Group at their Parc Mediterrani de […]

Newsletter 4

New partners Coventry and Warwick University hosted the month 24 meeting of the ECOBULK partners at Scarman Conference Center in Coventry, UK. The main focus was on finalising the plans and ambitions for the real-life demonstrations that are due to begin. In this newsletter: Project Updates Coventry, Cars And Circular Economy Serious Circular Gaming Events […]